Love is not a Checklist

Growing up I believed (and was told by many) that love would be found if every checkbox would be marked off of my checklist. 

And as I sit across from you, I go through my own personal list:

Success, check.

Kind, check.

Honest, check.

Older, check.

Attractive, check. 

Motivated, check.

Confident, check.

And the list continues as I go through and check each thing off. On paper, you’re the type to bring home to momma, to have a life with, you know, the guy that would never hurt me…

But as I look over my long list of check marks , knowing that the “perfect” person is sitting right in front of me….I feel nothing. 

I still don’t love you. 

Riddle me that.

-HK 3/1/17


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