First Poem of 2017

My friends laugh at me because it takes me 20 minutes in the chipotle line to figure out what I want. It’s because I’m not really sure of anything in this life. You tell me you’re the same way, indecisive.

But for some reason, I’m so damn sure about you.

They laugh at my clumsiness but when it comes to you.. I hit the ground running as I tripped, slipped, stumbled, and fell for you willingly.

I’ve been taught about the dangers of drugs, especially with this addictive personality of mine. But they never told me in DARE that you’re able to become addicted to the sound of someone’s voice. Don’t they know the long term effects are so much more dangerous?

With my left hand I’m pushing back the past and with my right I’m hanging onto the future all in hopes that being this vulnerable, you will run into my open arms.

You tell me I’m no romantic, as I daydream about my head on your lap reading for the sole purpose that I can always look up at you and take you in every chance I get. 

You tell me I’m not really into feelings, the emotional type, but my heart races and my head spins thinking that maybe, just maybe you feel the same way.

-HK 1/6/17


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